Together Quad Cities

A Coalition Response to COVID-19

Mask Mandate – Local Initiative

October 6, 2020

To: Scott County Business Leaders
From: Edward Rivers, Director, Scott County Health Department
Nita Ludwig, Administrator, Rock Island County Health Department

The Quad Cities are seeing sustained transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 despite a wealth of evidence that masking, social distancing and other simple interventions are highly effective in reducing spread.  State and local governments have been reluctant to support mandates for the use of masks, but you are free to do so on private property.

Consider requiring masks on your premises.

  1. The data emerging on the value of masks to prevent COVID are clear now.  Masks on both infected and uninfected people markedly reduce the risk for the uninfected person becoming infected.
  2. Why should you require masks on (both) your staff and customers?
    • To protect your clients and customers from infection and its outcomes
    • To protect their contacts from infection
    • To reduce transmission and protect the economy from the effects of the sustained community spread present since June in the metro area
    • To support our ability to return kids to face-to-face learning that is more effective education
    • To free parents to return to work
    • To reduce the negative effects of prolonged social isolation of both school aged kids and adults
    • To help establish compliance with consensus public health measures as the norm in the QC metro area
  3. What should you do?
    • Post signage prominently that you are asking all people entering your premises to mask. including promoting your business as being COVID-conscious for your community.
    • Provide masks for those arriving without them
    • Provide similar information on your websites and in your social media messages including promoting your business as being COVID-conscious for your community.
    • Avoid confrontations with those who refuse to mask but be confident that most people will comply with your request and that as time passes and masking becomes the norm, compliance will be maintained.
    • In bars and restaurants, public health’s social distancing (separation of people from each other) guidance remains critical because use of masks at all times is difficult.