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Pandemic affecting lead testing numbers

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Pandemic affecting lead testing numbers
Remarks from Edward Rivers, director, Scott County Health Department

COVID-19 vaccine remains the topic of the year.  This means you can hardly turn on a TV or jump on social media without hearing news stories about vaccine brands or vaccine supply.  A number of national stories have run recently reporting a large increase in vaccine the US and in Iowa in the upcoming weeks.  We are excited to hear that supply will be increasing – we are eager to ensure vaccine is available in Scott County to all who want it.  However, increased vaccine supply won’t make a difference until it actually reaches out county.  Right now, we ask that you continue to remain patient.  Your turn will come. 

Because the virus is still circulating and additional strains are being found across the U.S., it still remains critically important that we mask and social distance until enough immunity is built up between groups of people that it is safe to relax those measures. We don’t want to slip backwards with all of the progress we have made.

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only public health challenges that we continue to face as a community.  Due to a variety of factors related to the pandemic, we in public health are finding a dramatic decrease in the number of children being tested for lead.  Lead testing remains a vital component of childhood health.  Partners from Live Lead Free QC are here today to discuss this issue more.

Overview of Live Lead Free QC and importance of lead testing for children

PowerPoint presentation attached from Tony Knobbe, Live Lead Free QC president and member of the Scott County Board of Supervisors, and Janet Hill, chief operating officer at the Rock Island County Health Department and board member of Live Lead Free QC.

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